Plaid Undercover Suit, Mismatched Dr. Martens Boots & Vivienne Westwood Armor Ring in Harajuku

Ryosuke is a 17-year-old student and model who we often see on the street in Harajuku. He caught our eye with his black lipstick and plaid suit.

Ryosuke’s outfit features a plaid blazer and ripped pants from Jun Takahashi’s legendary Harajuku fashion brand Undercover, a vintage green button down shirt, and mismatched black and white boots from Dr. Martens. His accessories include silver hoop earrings, an O-ring choker, a Vivienne Westwood armor ring, a brown leather belt, beaded bracelets and a wallet chain.

Undercover is one of Ryosuke’s favorite Japanese fashion brands, and he enjoys listening to Judy and Mary. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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