Vintage/Cult Party Kei Style with Twin Braids, Virgin Mary Patchwork Jacket, Gunne Sax Empire Cut Ruffle Dress, Nile Perch Bow Shoes & Gunifuni Rabbit Bag

At the Bunka Fashion College entrance ceremony we were happy to see Fuka, a 19-year-old student who we have street-snapped in Harajuku previously.

With her blonde hair styled in twin braids, Fuka stepped out in a resale Virgin Mary cream patchwork knit jacket with lace details perched on her shoulders, worn over a long cream empire-cut ruffle dress from Gunne Sax, which features a lace collar, ruffled neckline, sheer lace long sleeves and a sheer bodice. Floral print socks, gold metallic bow shoes from Nile Perch, and a ruffled rabbit handbag from Gunifuni completed her ensemble. Her accessories – mostly remake – include pearls and a brooch attached to her collar and multiple dainty rings.

Whimsical Gunifuni is Fuka’s favorite fashion brand, and she likes listening to Judy and Mary. Fuka is active on Instagram, follow her!

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