Vintage Harajuku Street Style w/ Vivienne Westwood Socks, Checkered Dress, Bad Store, Snidel & Palnart Poc

We came across 19-year-old student Sakura in Harajuku looking effortlessly cool in a quirky and chic vintage ensemble.

She wore a vintage white blouse under a sleeveless black checkered dress, and she added a dose of color and personality to her outfit with a pair of patterned knee socks. Sakura also wore black leather platform shoes from Snidel, which featured a lace-up design and a square-toe silhouette. Strapped on one shoulder is a red crossbody bag from Bad Store with a large red bow detail on the front. Her accessories – some of which are from Vivienne Westwood and Palnart Poc – include a large yellow belt, a large pearl necklace, oversized hoop earrings, and sunglasses hooked on the neckline of her dress. Red lips and a red cloth wrapped around her neck further added a stylish flourish to her look.

As for her favorites, Sakura loves fashion label Vivienne Westwood and music from Aimyon. Follow Sakura on Instagram and Twitter.

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