Vintage Holiday Sweater Fashion in Harajuku w/ Zara Lace Up Shoes & Gucci Printed Handbag

Shengnan and Akira are both 20-year-old students we came across on the Harajuku street. They caught our eye with their twin holiday sweaters fashion styles.

At the left, Shengnan is wearing a vintage holiday knit hoodie sweater over a plaid shirt, black shorts, white socks, and a pair of black Zara lace up shoes with colorful patches. Accessories such as red-tinted sunglasses and a leather satchel tote bag complete her outfit. International fashion labels Gucci and Zara are two of Shengnan’s favorite brands. Follow Shengnan on Instagram for her social media updates.

Sporting a similar fashion, Akira’s look consists of a holiday knit sweater over a plaid collar shirt, black shorts, white socks, and Zara lace up shoes with patches. Red-tinted sunglasses, a silver ring, and a Gucci printed handbag are the finishing touches for Akira’s ensemble. Akira’s favorite fashion brands include Zara and Gucci and she likes rap music.

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