Vintage Japanese Kids Street Fashion in Harajuku w/ Honey Supply Quilted Jacket, Please And Thank You Store, Tahlia Store & Painted Canvas Sneakers

While out and about in Tokyo, we came across Rino, a cute 7-year-old student and model for Honey Supply, a vintage kids fashion shop in Tokyo’s Machida neighborhood.

Sporting twin braids with blunt bangs under a black hat, Rino is dressed in a vintage Honey Supply yellow quilted printed jacket. She wore the jacket over a Please And Thank You Store hand painted shirt and donned vintage Honey Supply denim pants with plaid trims. Rino stepped into a pair of canvas sneakers with colorful drawings from Please And Thank You Store and finished off her look with a vintage Honey Supply handbag. Her accessories include white oversized sunglasses and button earrings from Tahlia Store.

Rino loves vintage fashion, and she enjoys listening to September by Earth Wind and Fire. For more of her impressive vintage fashion, follow Rino on Instagram and on Honey Supply’s Instagram.

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