Vintage Pastel Street Style by Parca Silky Designer in Tokyo w/ Pink Hair, Lace Camisole, Lace Shorts, Polka Dot Waist Bag & Baby Doll Shoes

While out and about in Harajuku, we came across Akino, a Japanese fashion designer whose pastel vintage and antique fashion look easily caught our eye on the street.

Sporting pastel pink hair, Akino stepped out in a vintage cream-colored cardigan with lace trims. She wore the cardigan over a white lace-trimmed ribbed top and a light blue lace camisole with ruffled hem trims from Victoria’s Secret. She paired her layered tops with vintage lace-trimmed shorts, white thigh-high socks and platform baby doll shoes with crisscross straps from Bubbles. Akino accessorized her look with blue hair clips, a white ruffle face mask with lace trims, small hoop earrings, layered necklaces and multiple rings. Her accessories are vintage, hand-me-down pieces. In addition, Akino is carrying a resale white polka dot waist bag strapped across her chest. Her look reminds us of the famous Cult Party Kei style championed by Tokyo vintage shop The Virgin Mary.

Akino’s favorite fashion brand is her own vintage and remake brand, Parca Silky and she loves to shop at vintage boutiques. Her favorite music artist/groups are Lovely Summer-chan, Mizumakura, Ronri and 4s4ki. Follow Akino on Twitter and Instagram.

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