Vintage Street Styles w/ Tokyo Bopper, Lily Brown, Acne Studios & Gucci

We spotted 26-year-olds Mifan and Sai, whose eye-catching looks stood out in Shinjuku.

On the left is Sai with cropped blonde hair. She wore a tan mock neck top with long sleeves under a printed knee-length dress from Acne Studios. A large tan bow added a stylish flourish to her dress. Sai also wore Gucci knee socks and Gucci snake print loafers with brown fur trim. Red lips, a vintage black crossbody bag with a chain strap, and a Gucci necklace finished off her look. As for her favorites, Sai loves fashion label Vivienne Westwood and her favorite music genres are pop and rock. Follow Sai on Instagram to keep up with her social media updates.

Next to her is Mifan, who was clad in a vintage black jacket with a gingham lining. She wore it over a vinyl dress and a vintage printed top with large lapels. Mifan also wore fuzzy socks with her Tokyo Bopper black platform shoes. Her accessories – most of them vintage – include large pearl earrings, glasses, and a black hat. She completed her look with brown lips and a Lily Brown shoulder bag with green trim. Mifan’s favorite fashion label is Vivienne Westwood, and you can follow her on Instagram.

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