Vivienne Westwood Red Label Streetwear Style w/ Venus Sweater Dress, Tulle Skirt, Hermes, Tokyo Human Experiments Rings & Dr. Martens Boots

Catching our attention with her casual chic streetwear look in Harajuku is Alice, a 20-year-old model.

With her hair styled up in a chic updo, Alice is dressed in a Vivienne Westwood Red Label dress, which features a long-sleeve Venus print sweater top and a gold metallic skirt with a tulle skirt layer. She donned pink argyle print socks and stepped into a pair of Dr. Martens leather boots with hotpink laces. Alice styled styled her dress with a wide denim belt and accessorized with a pair of stud earrings, a black leather cuff bracelet and multiple knuckle rings. Her accessories are from Vivienne Westwood, Hermes and Tokyo Human Experiments.

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