Warsaw Tokyo Hairstylists in Harajuku w/ John Lawrence Sullivan, Yves Saint Laurent, Sub-Age & Dressedundressed

While walking along the street in Harajuku, we ran into the influential Japanese hairstylists Haruka Hatakeyama and Masato Nakajima. They are both part of the popular Japanese salon Warsaw Tokyo.

Sporting blonde hair, Haruka is wearing a gray John Lawrence Sullivan coat over a black jacket and red turtleneck, also from John Lawrence Sullivan, black pants, and black boots from Yves Saint Laurent. He accessorized with black sunglasses, gauged earrings, and a lip ring. Haruka’s favorite brand is John Lawrence Sullivan and he likes post punk and new wave music. Follow Haruka on Instagram.

And at the right, Masato’s look features a vintage black leather coat, ripped black jeans from Sub-Age, and platform lace up shoes from Dressedundressed. Masato likes to listen to the music of English rock band Joy Division. Masato is active on Instagram.

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