Winter Japanese Streetwear Styles w/ Gucci, Supreme, Burberry, Prada, Nerdy, Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela, Versace & Loewe

While at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, we came across this group of Japanese students sporting their own winter streetwear styles. They are, from left to right: 15-year-old Hiroto, 16-year-old Haruki, 17-year-old Katsuya, and 17-year-old Daiki. Let’s take a closer look at their winter outfits:

Hiroto with messy-styled hair is wearing a long tan coat from Burberry over a vintage black turtleneck sweater, army green pants tucked into vintage black zipper booties. He accessorized with yellow sunglasses, chain earrings, a black leather belt, and a black Prada handbag. Hiroto’s favorite fashion brand is Burberry and he likes the music of Sex Pistols. He is active on Instagram and Twitter.

Next is Haruki, who is wearing a red plaid zipper jacket from JimSinn over a white printed t-shirt, vintage red patent leather pants tucked into mid-calf lace up boots from Dr. Martens. His accessories include red sunglasses, chain earrings forming a necklace, and red leather gloves. Gucci is Haruki’s favorite fashion label. He is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow him!

Katsuya’s fashion outfit consists of a vintage black coat over a The Beatles shirt layered with a turtleneck top, purple Nerdy pants tucked into white Supreme socks, and Dr. Martens lace up boots. He accessorized with Gucci sunglasses and he is carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag. His favorite brand is Louis Vuitton. Follow Katsuya on Twitter and Instagram.

And lastly, Daiki’s outfit features a vintage black fur coat over a purple turtleneck sweatshirt from Uniqlo, black pants, purple socks, white Stella McCartney pointy zipper sneakers, and a Maison Margiela black clutch. Accessories include black sunglasses and a long scarf from Versace, silver chain earrings, and a leather belt from Loewe. Daiki’s favorite brand is French luxury fashion label, Maison Margiela. Follow him on Instagram.

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