Yohji Yamamoto Minimalist Japanese Street Styles in Harajuku

While walking around Harajuku after a rain storm, we ran into Nini Li and Shin – both wearing dark minimalist looks. Shin is known in the Tokyo street fashion scene for working at the Yohji Yamamoto Ground Y shop inside of LaForet Harajuku.

Nini Li’s minimalist look features a black pleated coat and skirt by Yohji Yamamoto with boots and a hat by Yohji’s Y’s label. Her black shoulder bag is also by Yohji. Follow Nini Li on Instagram to see more of her dark personal fashion.

Shin is also wearing an all black minimalist ensemble. His look features a black coat, pleated skirt, boots, and hat all created by the legendary Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. His blue signature bag is also Yohji. Follow Shin on Instagram too.

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