Here’s a friendly and charismatic Japanese girl who we ran into at the Yoyogi Flea Market in Harajuku. You might remember our feature on the uber-fashionable Yoyogi Flea Market from last year!

Her outfit is very “street”, featuring a green jacket over a black hoodie with a white Supreme sweatshirt, cutoff short shorts, stockings, and Topshop leopard print sneakers. Her Stussy cap, headphones, and the skateboard add the overall “streetness” of the look.

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  1. Freeforall

    Overall cool, but does she actually use/ride the board or was she just holding it all day? LOL.

  2. Freeforall > Actually, i saw a lot of them in Harajuku and Shibuya (i live in Tokyo) and they never ride. It’s only for the style. (By the way, it looks quite impossible to ride with those heeled sneakers, and the very short skirt.)

  3. Danielle

    I’ve been looking for those shoes everywhere, even in TOP Shop, but its not there </3.

  4. My gawd! I want these shoes so bad, cant find them either!!
    Danielle or any one else, if u find them pls share where;) tnx

  5. I’m looking for the exact same jacket, where I can find it?