Miki and Maki are two 20-year old blondes who caught our attention dressed in romantic, lace dresses and pastel colors, while they were shopping in Harajuku.

Miki is a student, and she’s wearing a cream, peter pan collar dress from Liz Lisa with a nude ruffled bag from the same label. Her heeled, lace-up boots are from Heather, worn with lace socks. Miki’s favorite places to shop are Liz Lisa, Milk and One Spo. We also learned that she likes listening to Dog in the PWO, Mejibray, and Kiryu.

Maki, the girl to the left, is wearing twin tails with bangs, tied with pink and lilac hair bows. Her dress features a peter pan collar and pearls, and it’s from One Spo. Her large handbag is Anna Sui and her bow sandals are from Liz Lisa. She’s also wearing small earrings and pierces in both ears. Maki told us that she likes shopping at One Spo, Liz Lisa and  Anna Sui, and that she’s a fan of Dog in the PWO and Kiryu.

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  1. That girl on the right looks emaciated. O_O nice style though…

  2. Love their style! So cute.. wish I had a friend that has a similar style too…. :( Must be so fun to shop together and look coordinated!

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