Ran into a group of extremely cute and colorfully dressed Japanese girls over the weekend near Shibuya Station – in the rain. They were on their way to some event or other destination. Only three of them were willing to stop for our photos, but there were more of them nearby. Just by looking at these three, you can imagine how awesome it was to see a big group of these girls – all dressed in cute x100 fashion – making their way through the crowds in Shibuya.

All three of the girls pictured here were very friendly. The girl in the middle – the one with the big pink hair bow – is wearing a 6%DOKIDOKI top along with her leather jacket, pink skirt, star-pattern leggings, and pink sneakers. The girl on the right is wearing a Galaxxxy pin on her Suicidal Tendencies cap, a patterned jacket, sparkling skirt, pink leggings, and Dr. Martens style boots. The smiling girl on the left is wearing a studded cap, jewels below her eyes, a scarf & jacket with various patterns, denim shorts, blue stockings, and sequin high top sneakers. Wish we’d taken some better detail photos of their numerous cute accessories, but we didn’t want to delay them for too long when they were trying to keep up with their friends!

Cute Japanese Fashion

Suicidal Tendencies x Galaxxxy in Tokyo

Japanese Girl w/ Cute Pink Hair Bow

Studded Cap & Scarf

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  1. Limbu_chic

    Colorful….i like the last girls studded cap…japanese ppl can really carry colorful things well. me likey

  2. I deeply respect that none of them give half a crap if we don’t like how flashy their fashion sense is, and I do in fact love the bright, mismatched colors. :3 Yeah!

  3. tokyosista

    So colorful in deed. I love the hair bows, that second girl’s star tights, and the 1st girl’s skirt. CUTE!

  4. k, they’re obviously trying to look like clowns (literally), and succeeding brilliantly.

  5. i love the middle girls outfit! i don’t care if people think they look like clowns. its different and cute. the problem most people have is they try to look like everyone else. i loveee this picture!

  6. i love the colors, but i don’t like the make-up…

  7. are you crazy?! Maya is much much more goodlooking! haha! i like the 1st girls boots.

  8. Wow. love all these outfits <3 also like the way they're not afraid to express themselves

  9. I want the pink sneakers!!

    The outfits looks so great,but the make-up is very scary. O.o
    Too much.

  10. cha cha maricha

    hhhmmmmmmmmmmm…………..like ice cream

  11. Really brave to go out dressed the way they love. And just looking at them makes me smile (:

  12. The one with the yellow umbrella is gorgeously dressed and has light pink make-up that rocks!

    She doesn’t go overboard with accessories and is perfect for this look.

  13. The girl in the middle looks pretty and her outfit is balanced nicely, btu the other two I really don’t like. also, the girl in the second photo looks reaaaaaaally strange… her make up is sloppy

  14. LOL “cute” more like… “fugly”, am i right?

  15. The second photo… Well…. Scary?? Her face yes… BUt her clothes… I Loveeee it!

  16. I love the bright colors….So mismatched but awesome none the less..

  17. JaneyDecay

    I love love love this!
    and to all of you, who call them fugly and say they’re doing things wrong, why are you here? this isnt about criticizing them, this is about gaining inspiration and courage from the fact that they dont care, they dress exactly the way they want, i personally think we should praise in substitution of criticism and Accept that they do things differently from you, just because you wouldnt do it does not make it wrong/weird/ugly.

  18. jerryana

    I LOVE IT ! its so Japanes and wild manga like. I think they got stlye down.