Akiho and Akiko are two 19-year-old students we recently met in Harajuku.

Akiho is the one with ombre hair, and she’s wearing a layered crop tops from Topshop and Forever21 with white Emoda shorts and blazer. She accessorized with an oversized pendant necklace and rings from Emoda and Forever21. Her bag is from the same brand. Her sandals are part of the Emoda x Tsuru collection, worn here with glitter socks. Emoda is Akiho’s favorite shop, but she also likes G.V.G.V. and Sister. She also told us that her favorite singer is Taylor Swift and that she’s on Twitter.

Akiko is the one with shorter, dark hair. She is wearing an outfit made mostly of resale items: a sweater, velvet leggings, a choker and a backpack. Her blue lace up boots are Dr. Martens, and her ring is Goocy. Akiko likes shopping at American Apparel, but also in thrift stores. She’s a fan of N’Shukugawa BOYS and is active on Twitter.

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  1. Elena~^^

    I love the left – Looks like formal mixed with casual has a nice look but her body and skin tonemakes it all the better ;D

  2. Both are pretty! Akiko is a little bit similar to Lee GyuWon of Heartstrings :3