Meeko is an 18 year old technical school student you you might remember from our previous snaps. Once again, her stylish look caught our eye and we wanted to know exactly what she was wearing.

Meeko paired a plaid, studded shirt dress by Par Avion with a hooded denim jacket from Heather and two large pins. Her hair is braided in twin tails, with bangs, and is a nice, dark color. Meeko is carrying a cat tote bag from Nya Ne-Net and wearing a cat ring from the same brand. Her leopard print sneakers with plushie heads were bought on the Internet, and her fairy print tights are by Jouetie.

Her favorite shops are Jouetie and Nya Ne-Net, and she’s an AnCafe fan. Find out more about Meeko on her blog.

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  1. the outfit niceee i would wear that or similar, the pantyhose and shoes too patterny for me. she look good student ^ ^

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