Jouetie, Jean-Michel Basquiat & AvantGarde Harajuku Tights

Meeko is a technical college student and she’s 18. Dressed in black and with her twin tails tied with gingham ribbon, we decided to street snap her.

She is wearing a Jouetie dress with a knitted top reading “black” and a tulle skirt. Her shoes are three-way collabs featuring Milkfed x Reebok x Jean-Michel Basquiat and they feature a crown detail. Her AvantGarde Harajuku x Choco Moo tights are sheer, with hearts and broken hearts printed, and the knees reading “love” and “hate”. She’s wearing the Nadia cat bag in black, a Wego cross choker and a cute Ne-Net cat ring, with red nail polish.

Meeko likes to shop at Jouetie and Ne-Net. Her favorite music includes AnCafe, Seishun Shampoo, G-YUN and SuG. If you want to look her up online, you can find her blog here.

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  1. OMG. I love her outfit! And the girl is soooo adorable!

  2. I wonder if she’s wearing contacts or if her eyes are really like this??? She’s got beautiful eyes, though!