This Japanese guy with a stylish retro look is Yusuke, a 20-year-old college student. He’s wearing a striped baseball jacket and rolled up khaki pants (both items are from resale shops). A dress shirt, bow tie and cap complete the outfit. His leather shoes and bag (which has a tag that says “Hidesign”) are both from DoLuKE and were also purchased used.

Yusuke told us his favorite brand is DoLuKE. He also said he likes the music of Yuki.
Retro Jacket, Cap, Bow Tie & DoLuKE Bag in Harajuku


Resale DoLuKE leather bag in Harajuku

Resale DoLuKE buckle shoes in Harajuku

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  1. Woah love this! :) And he is SOOO cute >_< <3

  2. The guy in the background of the first picture is cute

  3. Dreaded Queen

    Hey Tokyo. The 2nd close up pic is only loading the top frame on my iPhone 4 app os5.
    This is a really nice looking guy but alas he has a man purse ;(. His look is very southern gentleman though which has a charm about it .

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