Turning heads and making a bold fashion statement on the streets of Harajuku was Zun420, who stepped out in a striking avant-garde look.

The 20-year-old part-time worker showcased his creativity with his avant-garde street styling that featured handmade pieces. Zun420 donned a Cordyceps multicolored mesh shirt over a handmade top. He also wore printed pants under a Mused black skirt adorned with paint splatters and several mannequin heads. Zun420 styled them with handmade shoes and a handmade bag made up of blue denim jeans with black heeled shoes sticking out at the bottom. His handmade accessories consisted of a white net veil, a purple feather boa, and several tubes strewn across his chest and back. He completed his look with sunglasses and a headpiece with a purple-and-pink plush toy and a spiked accessory.

Zun420 frequently shops for his favorite pieces at Radd Lounge, and he posts style updates on his Instagram account.

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