1970s Flowered Romper & Denim Maxi Dress

These two Japanese girls that we photographed in Harajuku have hit the mark when it comes to this season’s trend for 1970s retro fashion.

The girl on the right with short auburn hair is Kei, a 21-year-old receptionist. She’s wearing a maxi denim dress with a ruffle at the hem and a short jeans jacket from Forever 21. Her Dooney and Bourke purse is from Kinsella. Two simple enameled bangle bracelets and black lace-up boots complete her look.

Kei told us her favorite places to shop are Nadia, Kinsella and Elcasion. You can follow Kei on Twitter.

Kei’s blonde friend on the left is a 20-year-old college student (we didn’t get her name or information about where her clothes are from). She’s wearing a short print romper trimmed with eyelet over a long-sleeved white top. She’s carrying a brown leather purse and a denim shirt. Her accessories include two pendant necklaces, a black headband and 3 vintage-style rings. On her feet are funky black work boots with scrunched socks.
Flowered Romper & Denim Maxi Echo the 1970s

Forever 21 jacket

Dooney and Bourke purse from Kinsella

Enameled bangle bracelets

Maxi dress with ruffle & lace up boots

1970s romper with pendant necklace

Leather satchel purse

Vintage-inspired rings

Funky work boots with scrunched socks

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  1. They’re not JAPANESE! I bet they’re from SWEDEN!

  2. @STARTIST What? They’e not caucasian.
    No matter what their race is, lovely outfits, especially the playsuit.

  3. I believe that they’re half japanese half polish. Doesn’t matter anyways, I love Kei’s style!

  4. wahhhhh~ i so wouldn’t mind wearing their outfits ^w^ love love love their accesories and bags!

  5. Love the both of their oufits, specially the lace up boots, dress and jacket, and the bangle bracelets. Don’t like the leather stuff..

  6. I forgot, the rings look really cool too..with the floral themes and stuff…