1970s Glam Rock Influenced Fashion & Makeup in Harajuku

Here’s a cool guy named Kurizo who we street snapped in Harajuku. At first glance, Kurizo’s dark look reminded us of the classic 1970s film “A Clockwork Orange”. However, once Kurizo told us that his favorite band is The New York Dolls, we instantly realized that the early 1970s New York glam-rock/glam-punk scene was a key influence on his personal style.

Kurizo’s outfit includes a jacket from Zara, skinny pants from the Japanese brand Sly, and tall platform El Dantes boots. Accessories include a black felt bowler hat, a cross necklace, an earring, a skull ring, several silver rings, a studded belt, and a black leather handbag.

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  1. it does look really bowie/clockwork orange-ish. I love it though! I found him on tumblr and had to find him 8D