2NE1 Fans w/ Resale Denim Jackets, Fishnets & Bubbles Tattoo Necklaces

We photographed this cute trio in Harajuku. Mei, the blonde girl on the right, is a 20-year-old student. She’s wearing a faded denim jacket and white dress, both from resale shops. She’s also wearing magenta fishnet stockings from Kawi Jamele and short platform boots. Her graphic bag is from Make Art Your 200 and her tattoo necklace is from Bubbles. The buttons on her jacket are from the Korean musical groups GD&TOP and 2NE1.

The girl in the center with magenta hair is Moe, also a 20-year-old student. She’s wearing an acid-washed denim jacket from a resale shop, a purple graphic top and shorts. She’s also wearing purple and black socks and red creepers. Her accessories include a tattoo necklace like Mei’s from Bubbles and a spiked leather headband from Coii.kr.

The girl on the left is Naoko, a 20-year-old beautician. She’s wearing a white kitty print top with a pearl embellished collar from a resale shop and a short black skirt from Nadia. Her brown leather bag is from Laforet. White fishnets and sneakers complete her look.

When we asked the girls about their preferences, Mei told us her favorite music is K-pop and her favorite fashion sources are Jouetie and Bubbles. Moe said she likes Bubbles and the music of Pay Money to My Pain. Naoko’s favorites are Nadia and the groups BigBang and 2NE1.

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  1. Omg ! Love their style so much ! :)
    I love ombre hair !! <3
    And that cat sweater :3

  2. Naoko is soooo pretty! N her kitty sweater looks so awesome..

  3. Cute girls! I remember them from your report about the denim trends in Harajuku :D

    Oh, God… I WANT those raspberry creepers :__________

  4. ahh i love all of them!! especially moe’s hair and socks/shoes combo (:

  5. I really like the outfit of the girl in the left ! But also the shoes of the girl in the middle. Oh! I see GD&TOP and 2NE1 pins on the girl in the right !

  6. I love those chokers!!! Do they have a specific name/terminology? I want to buy one but don’t know what they are called.