2NE1 Fan in Harajuku w/ Shaved Blue Hairstyle & WC Sneakers

Honami is a 19 year old freeter who we met on the Harajuku streets and wanted to know more about. She has blue hair with a red heart shaved into the side and a pair of black sunglasses on her head.

Honami is wearing a resale oversized hoodie which reads “adios” (instead of “Adidas”) with a pair of high top green polka dot sneakers from WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki. Her backpack is Glad News, with wings on it and a pink furry tail. Honami dons pink and yellow nail art and her only piece of jewelry is a chunky ring with a violet stone. She told us her accessories are Forever 21.

Honami’s favorite shop is Galaxxxy and her favorite music is from the K-Pop groups 2NE1 and Super Junior. If you want to know more about her, just visit her Twitter, @melotan516.

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  1. Johanness

    She’s totally cute! Love her hair and make-up, and that bag and pink tail think, so supper cute! Lovelovelove!

  2. Dreaded Queen

    Wow her hair color and cut are soooo cute!