3cro Adventure Singer in Betty Boop Sweater & Platform Sneakers

We see Mika, the singer for the J-Pop band 3cro Adventure, around Harajuku every now and then. A few years ago, we even had the chance to see her band perform at at Tokyo live house. You can hear one of their songs on YouTube here.

Mika is wearing an oversized Betty Boop sweater from the popular Harajuku resale shop Pin Nap, with bat printed tights. Her white and pink VOLATILE platform sneakers are from Pin Nap as well, and Mika paired them with purple socks. She is wearing a red bandana tied on her head, with a cute twin buns hairstyle. Her long earrings are made of golden safety pins, she has many oversized, colorful rings and a necklace with a pharaoh head in sunglasses. She told us her accessories were bought from a Korean shop.

Mika opts for Pin Nap and G2? when it comes to shopping, and her favorite music is k-pop and j-pop. You can find out more about her (and her band!) by following her on Twitter.

Update: Mika now has her own Tumblr account too!

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  1. I was just wondering wear u bye the betty boop jumper dress from plz as I would really like ine its retro thank you plz reply by email thanks an I would also like to bye betty boop tights x x