666 Retro Punk Japanese Street Style in Harajuku

Meet the Japanese version of Sid & Nancy! The stylish Japanese guy named Ishii is a fan of the Sex Pistols and is dressed in retro 1970s punk style. His slogan button contains a quote from Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols – “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” His cool red hair is also a tribute to punk.

Ishii’s plaid suit is from 666 and his favorite fashion brands are 666 and Seditionaries. His creepers are from George Cox.

On the right is his friend Kanon who’s wearing a cute version of punk style. Her lavender minidress from Jimsinn Harajuku features a Sex Pistols graphic. She’s paired it with a chunky black leather belt that matches her striped black stockings and a spiky silver bracelet from 666.

Kanon’s gray canvas shoulder bag is from Muji, her white platform shoes with ankle straps are from Jane Marple, and she’s also wearing a necklace from Vivienne Westwood. Her favorite fashion brands are Diesel and 666.

666 Retro Punk Style in Harajuku

Johnny Rotten hair and quote button on 666 suit

Sassy Japanese Girl in Sex Pistols minidress

Japanese girl with Jimsinn dress and 666 bracelet

Black striped stockings and Jane Marple shoes

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  1. The Girl is really really cute! I love the change in her expression from the first to the second picture :3
    Her shoes and hair are awesome! The overall outfit!

  2. I love the girl’s hair and those striped stockings with those shoes. Very cute.

  3. OMG she’s sooooo… beautiful and mischievous… I love her style!!!

  4. Love the sleeves on her dress. ;) And both have great hair!

  5. Oh my god, they’re both amazing, but the girl is so awesome! :O Her outfit is just… inspiring! *o*

  6. HOLY CRAP!!! That girl’s outfit is soooo freaking amazing!!! And I love her hair! <3

  7. love the girls hair and outfit!:D i wish i could dress up like this but i can’t coz its tii bold:D hehe

  8. The guy makes me think of the Mad Hatter for some reason…..both cool though. :)

  9. none o your business

    and this is why punk is dead: trendy people who don’t know what punk was all about.
    May punk rest in peace.

  10. The girls outfit and overall look is really inspiring and very cute (want those stockings! :O ) ! ….kind of makes me wanna get a hair cut….kinda… :P

  11. Is this girl Kaoru? Same moles on chin and cheek…

  12. @Leah Wow, looks the same! I remember this girl, she was cool even back then. But I never made the connection! Thanks!