AC/DC T-shirt, Uniqlo Cardigan & UNIF Hellraiser Spiked Loafers in Harajuku

Brandon is a friendly high-school English teacher in Japan. His look caught our eye in Harajuku, so we stopped him for a few quick snaps.

He is wearing a vintage AC/DC Live Nation t-shirt with a pair of checkered shorts and a brown Uniqlo cardigan. He is also wearing Tom Ford sunglasses and Hellraisers spiked loafers, a Louis Vuitton weekender bag and a matching backpack. We also noticed his hardware necklace, a big watch and his grandpa’s scarf turned into a bracelet.

Brandon gave us his Facebook page, in case you want to find out more!

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Alexander

    That’s so cool. love the foot tattoo.
    and the neclacke.

  2. wow!! VERYY cool, pretty interesting since u don’t really see a lot of black guys in japan like wat karol said

  3. Victoria Moore

    Brandon is the third black person I’ve seen featured in Japan in stylish gear. As a fellow African-American, and Japanese fashion fanatic, I’m overjoyed to increase our ranks.

  4. I’m African American, as well :) Diversity makes anything more interesting, whether it’s your style of clothing or ethnicity! I adore his bone bracelet & arm tattoo…anything

  5. I’m African and this is just too awesome! It’s so cuwl to see black people in Harajuku!

  6. i like how all the black people gravitate to this pic XD (i’m black tooo ) but yeah i like his outift :3

  7. This picture made me happy because i am african american as well and im made fun of because i like japanese culture! This is inspirational to me!☆♡

  8. Awesome! A black man in japan with style to boot. I’m an African-American Goth with Visual Kei/Jrock influenced in my outfits and its great to know i won’t be alone when I visit.