Acid Wash Denim Shirt, Tulle Skirt & Large Clock Bag in Harajuku

Here’s a cute and friendly Japanese girl who we met recently in Harajuku. Her large clock bag is the first thing about her look that caught our attention.

Her outfit features an acid wash denim shirt (a spring trend item in Tokyo) over a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, a purple tulle skirt covered in pink hearts, off-white tattoo tights (another spring trend item), and red rocking horse shoes. Accessories include a bunch-of-grapes earring, cute candy-like hair clips, a bow necklace, a strawberry cutout, an apple ribbon, and ruffle socks. Her large rabbit clock bag (the rabbit is wearing a tiny red bow) is from Flapper.

She was nice enough to show us that hidden under her cute ruffle socks were punk-like spikes on the straps of the rocking horse shoes. We thought it was awesome that her overall look was very sweet, but danger was lurking just under the surface!

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Whoa, look at those shoes.

    (Damn! I clicked too fast.)

  2. Sammyswisso

    Nice bag & love hearts & spiky hiden ankle braclets

  3. Ahh I looove those pins and hair accessories and those shoes and the bag and thights and grape earrings and the bow necklace ahfjhfkuhl <3