ADD Staffer in Banal Chic Bizarre

This is Sen, a huge fan of ADD and Banal Chic Bizarre. Sen is a member of the staff of ADD, which carries the Banal Chic Bizarre brand. Everything he’s wearing is from BCB, including a neutral colored long-sleeved t-shirt and tan colored leggings.

His red platform hightops are also from BCB. His red backpack, which features plenty of pockets and zippers, is Banal Chic Bizarre x Porter.
ADD Staffer in Banal Chic Bizarre

Red Banal Chic Bizarre backpack

Banal Chic Bizarre backpack

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  1. Cool backpack.

    Is that a piece of fabric connection both legs of his pants at the bottom?

    Check out the back view of the pants!

  2. i love his pants!! super chic, would look good on a man or woman with so many different outfits.
    however the boots remind me of super mario bros!!

  3. The pant are a Vivienne Westwood inspiration… Love it…

  4. not my style but defenitely catch attention and looks awesome!! thanks to red backpack and shoes the whole thing doesn’t look bleak.