Akari and Sakura Wearing Vintage & Resale Fashion in Harajuku

Here are two cute & stylish Japanese girls who we ran into in Harajuku. If you have a good memory, you might recognize Akari and Sakura from the photographs we took of them together – in devil costumes – last Halloween in Harajuku! We’ve also street snapped Akari several times since then.

Akari, on the left, is 19 years old and a college student. She’s wearing a blue coat over a sheer dress from Flower, vintage-print tights from Harajuku’s G2?, and gray suede platforms from I am I In Fact. Accessories include a resale fur tippet from Kinji, an antique hair clip, a flower bracelet, a silver ring, and a purse from the Tokyo resale shop Santa Monica. Akari’s favorite shop is I am I In Fact and her favorite band is Zazen Boys. If you’d like to know more about her, you can follow Akari on Twitter.

Sakura Midorikawa, on the right with cute twin tails, is also 19 years old and a student. She’s wearing a layered outfit put together almost entirely from resale pieces – including a mustard corduroy jacket, a green knit sweater, a white lace blouse, a skirt, black stockings, striped socks, and vintage penny loafers. Accessories include glasses, a plaid scarf, flower & heart ear clips, and a vintage leather purse. Sakura’s favorite shop is Flower and her favorite bands include Going Steady and Zazen Boys. Sakura has her own blog where she posts lots of fashion pictures – check it out here!

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  1. It’s nice she’s matched her whole outfit the jacket and the bag go really nice together…and the stocking and outfit on the other girl are very charming for sure…

  2. Dreaded Queen

    Wow a Sakura just like on anime!!! Looks like the cherubim tights are trending right now. Love the wrap and and coat!