Alice Auaa Gothic Fashion w/ Feather Collar in Harajuku

This is Megumi, wearing an edgy gothic outfit in black and burgundy. She is 20 years old, a student, and can be found on Twitter as @QUa_666.

Most of Megumi’s outfit is from the Japanese brand Alice Auaa: the web-like top, the ruffled peplum skirt, the feather collar and other accessories. Her black bag is Gaultier, matching her platform booties. Megumi is also wearing a choker, earrings and piercings, chunky rings that include an eye and a snake, and black and red nail art that matches her tights.

She told us Shiina Ringo is her favorite singer, and you can guess that Alice Auaa is her favorite fashion brand.

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  1. Love everything about her look, she’s amazing!

  2. Megumi is beautiful, and her look is darkly elegant and sophisticated. She is stunning!! ♥♥♥

  3. ciel noir

    Love all the little details about this outfit!!!