Alice Auaa Jacket, Pure One Corset, Dangerous Nude & Bunkaya Zakkaten

Awabimeshi’s striking all black look caught our eye on the street in Harajuku.

Her dress is from Works, paired with a Pure One corset and an Alice Auaa jacket. Her tights are from Dangerous Nude and they feature digital print. She is also wearing a choker, leather gloves, and steampunk jewelry, which she got from Alice Auaa and Bunkaya Zakkaten. Her heeled lace-up shoes were bought from a flea market.

Awabimeshi told us that she likes to shop in resale stores and Alice Auaa.

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    A little smile perhaps ? this would be great !

  2. She’s amazing, the outfit is gorgeous and Myriam..if she smiled she would ruin the mood of the outfit so no it wouldn’t be great and you shouldn’t be ironic

  3. Victoria Moore

    I usually don’t like all-black outfits but I do love the way this girl looks because she looks fierce!