Alice in Wonderland Themed Angelic Pretty Lolita Look in Harajuku

Shizuka is a dental assistant whose pretty Japanese lolita look caught our eye on the street near LaForet Harajuku.

Shizuka’s dress and bonnet – which feature a playing cards motifs and appears to be called “Wonder Queen” – are from Angelic Pretty. She’s also wearing an Alice in Wonderland brooch and a ribbon choker. Her bag is treasure-chest-shaped, decorated with a pendant necklace and bows. Her shoes are black patent and have a crown detail on the front with heart-shaped buckles.

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  1. Gordon Tan

    This is an S-grade outfit! Sharp, eye-catching with plenty of great details that don’t feel cluttered or gaudy to the viewer!

  2. CarolinaSunny

    This dress and this print are so pretty! It fits her really well <3

  3. Super cute! The bonnet is a nice touch. I like that she’s she’s outside of the fashion industry and this is just recreational.