All Black Fashion, Black Lipstick & Chain Platform Creepers in Harajuku

This is Chikio, a striking girl we met in Harajuku, when she was wearing all black (including lipstick). She is 17 years old and she’s a student.

She is wearing a resale skeleton t-shirt with a midi skirt and studded, chain platform creepers she bought in Korea. Her “outlaw” bag is also a resale and her armor ring is Vivienne Westwood. She is wearing jewelry, including earrings, a pocket watch, bracelets, and rings.

Her favorite shops are Vivienne Westwood, Adidas and  Nike, and she likes listening to Kana-boon. Find out more about her from her Twitter account.

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  1. I love this look. I’m always a fan of an all black ensemble, but especially when there’s also some black lipstick. And despite a monochromatic outfit, she looks very fresh.

  2. Really cool look – love the gothic edge but not too hard