Amatunal Shop Staff “Twinning” in Overalls Fashion w/ Ralph Lauren, Amatunal, Tokyo Bopper, Kinji & Chihiro Yasuda

While taking a stroll along the Harajuku street one evening, we came across 21-year-old Ayami and 22-year-old Chibimizu, who both work as shop staff for Amatunal. They easily caught our eye with their matching overalls fashion styles.

At the left sporting blonde hair with pink and orange hair tips, Chibimizu is wearing a resale Ralph Lauren button up plaid shirt, pink Kinji “Bear World” overalls, white socks, white platform baby doll shoes from Tokyo Bopper, a and a patchwork tote bag, She accessorized with a newsboy cap, cute rings, and a handmade plushie toy. Amatunal and Doshkikomi are two of Chibimizu’s favorite brands and she likes the music of Japanese girl band, Shishamo. Follow Chibimizu on Instagram for her info and updates.

Meanwhile, Ayami’s similar ensemble consists of a Chihiro Yasuda striped sweater over a ruffle collar top, tan Kinji overalls, Tokyo Bopper platform white sneakers, an Amatunal printed tote bag, and a denim newsboy cap worn over blonde twin tails. Ayami’s favorite brand is Amatunal and she likes to browse for stylish clothes in resale shops. For her stylish feed, check out Ayami on Instagram and Twitter.

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