Amazing Shibuya Center Guy in Alba Rosa Fashion

While hunting for Adam Lambert yesterday around Tokyo, we ran into someone so amazing that you have to see him to believe him. This friendly Japanese guy and his female friend were walking together in Shibuya when we spotted them. His style is often called “Center Guy” (the male version of Manba, Yamanba, Ganguro, etc.), so it seems appropriate that we photographed him near Center Gai (Center Street) in Shibuya.

This Center Guy’s fashion consists mainly of an outfit from the Japanese fashion brand Alba Rosa. But, his hair, makeup, colored contacts, and accessories are at least as amazing as his clothing – so check them all out in the pictures below. The cute Japanese girl with him has cool makeup and silver hair and is wearing an outfit that obviously draws influence from Japanese school uniforms. Overall, this style definitely made an impression – as these two were walking along the street, you could see many Tokyo-ites doing double (and even triple) takes.

Shibuya Girl and Guy Street Fashion

Amazing Shibuya Guy & Girl

Extreme Shibuya Makeup & Hair

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  1. Flamboyantastic!
    It’s certainly…one of its kind.

  2. well, if you look at it this way, this type of style was a reaction against a traditional japanese look, like the geisha have white skin, black khol lined eyes, and dark lips and dark eyebrows. this is almost the exact opposite, dark skin, white lips and eyes, and no eyebrows to speak of. everything about the geisha and the traditional form of beauty is rebelled against, even the hair, which is “supposed” to be black, is crazy bright. its really beautiful the way the younger generation came up with this style all their own.

  3. Classy photos! His hair certainly looks a lot better now than it did a couple weeks ago~ he’s new on the manba scene, but his make still needs a bit of work!

    Nice one for getting a closeup of the face

  4. I thought the ganguro look was inspired by the “blonde beach wearing clothes” of California.

  5. @Koneko : With the speed of Tokyo; I wouldn’t exactly call him new.
    I’ve seen him in this same get-up (make-up/hair wise, different long jacket though) back in November already next to Shibuya Kaikan down Center Gai.

    As described; many locals were dumbstruck and baffled, often snapping cellphone pics as they walked by. Supposedly, since Ganguro-ish looks are long dead for mainstream Shibuya fashion.

  6. Before reading the description I looked straight at the image and the first thing that came to my head was “that ganguro girl has an odd facial structure”. But I’m almost relieved to see it’s a man. It’s great that Tokyo can be so acceptant when it comes to fashion statements like that.

  7. @mai, source?
    I agree with the comment of She, inspired by those california barbie looks gone way overboard :P

    @I knew something was up.. They are certainly NOT acceptant about such fashion statements. When you dress extreme, be it ganguro, visual kei, punk or whatever, you’ll get ugly looks from people and they’ll walk in a large way around you.

  8. Victor Edward Leong

    Like the outfit but the hairstyle is too wild!

    In fact I think the Hair style killed it!

    I think this outfit would look better on an average personal hairstyle theme.

    LOVE THE SUIT …and I mean it!

  9. Is it just me or does it look like the guys wearing Winnie the Pooh slippers?! So sweet!!!

  10. WHAT THE HECK is with her knee?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  11. They’re so gaudy and tacky, but it’s really cool you got to see a real, hardcore center guy! :) Thanks for the photos!

  12. raynorshine


    It’s just the angle of the camera combined with the way she’s holding her leg. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just an unfortunate ‘optical illusion’ so to speak.

  13. haaai~~daisuki!! love her make-up~~
    but his is supa amazing&outstanding~
    How i love the crazzy fashions they come up with ^w^00

  14. What’s up with that orange hair and crazy make up? O.o
    Cute lady, but tooo weird outfit to me! That’s just my opinion :)

  15. in japan there was a wave of “schoolgirl fashion”, these girls known are “kogyaru” (translates to ko gals), and from this there sparked a big media scandal because it was seen as promiscuous, young people were actually being penalized for their fashion. from there the trend of painting the face black with white eye make up was born as it was supposed to stop older men being attracted to them. such a little fashion rebellion! x

  16. BergKatse

    I heard this was called the “English girl look” where it was an attempt to copy the orange tans and streaky dyed hair of slightly trashy English girls. Except here she looks like a Kabuki demon doing a Minstrel show!

  17. @She that’s not ganguro, it’s Yamanba or Sentaa (male version of Yamanba) since it’s a guy lol and one of the better looking sentaa guys cos they usually have really bad application of make lol

  18. Wow, that is a center guy and a kogal. Sorry. I felt the need to state the obvious for some reason. *erm*

  19. BeaverBrain

    i would kill for the albarosa jacket and pants.. seriously haha.
    this is awesome i loves him ^_^ i wish i could see more recent photos of these subcultures all the photos i have/see are from early 2000s people need to get outrageous again and screw with peoples perceptions.
    love this so much. i do wish his hair was more teesed and coloured every where rather than dreads. but i wont complain

  20. The optical illussion on the girl’s leg is so crazy xD

    But yeah I would say the guy’s style reminds me most of some sorta African tribal thing ^^

  21. i would die from shock if i ever see something like this in lithuania O_O

  22. Radikal Edward

    What is the name of the girl with the bag, i think is cute, i ‘d like to know her, i think is pretty. greetings from MEXICO

  23. gyaru (sp?) to the extreme lolol….kinda scary….

  24. The girl’s leg looks weird in the first picture. :P

  25. @Shion: I agree with you that you can’t call that acceptance – ugly looks and people walking at large… but if people around here did just that, I’d feel much safer about dressing differently.
    In most places people yell things at you or even get violent if you dress in an unusual fashion, so the reaction of the Japanese is actually quite civilized.

  26. I don’t know what you’re all on about. This person freaks the f u c k out of me.
    Creative though, and ballsy. I’ll give him that.

  27. ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ Adam’s name is written there ADAM, ADAM, ADAM, ADAM, ADAAAAAAAAAAM *screaming* I ADORE ADAM :DD Unfortunately he was not in Hungary yet :(

    the Yamanba I don’t like it so much, This style is very rude to me :/ I like the best: Lolita ^^

  28. for all your information, this GUY here is the same “girl” in another ganguro photo where they are wearing alba rosas. =)

  29. I love this Guy, but check out the Kogal he’s with! Their styles look good together. And I like his hair.

  30. I love the girl’s sense of style. In Japan the European sense of style is subtle and intoxicating. Suki desu ka.