Ambush Rings & Bathing Ape Streetwear in Harajuku

This 17-year-old Japanese guy was photographed in Harajuku. We’ve actually photographed him once before, back when we were doing our coverage of the 2010 New Year’s lucky bags in Shibuya. He was in the line for the BAPE Shibuya store lucky bags.

In these photos, he’s wearing an outfit that consists of a red top from the Shibuya boutique Galaxxxy, a bow tie, sunglasses, A Bathing Ape (BAPE) baggy jeans, a BAPE bag, and Vans sneakers. But, the most eye catching items in his entire outfit are his amazing Ambush rings – he’s wearing both the POW! model (two of them) and the Beethoven Bust ring. Check the closeup photo to see just how hardcore the rings are.

Ambush is a fashion brand created by MC Verbal from the Teriyaki Boyz & M-Flo – and this guy told us that both Teriyaki Boyz and M-Flo are two of his favorites musical acts. He also said that his favorite fashion brand is BAPE.

A Bathing Ape Fashion in Harajuku

Galaxxxy Sweater in Harajuku

BAPE / A Bathing Ape Jeans

Ambush Rings - POW & Beethoven

Click any of the photos to enlarge them.

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  1. Lol, love the “Pow!” rings.
    Pretty intense outfit in general though. :3

  2. How cow. He looks like Kanye West. I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult. :D

  3. He is really inspired by VERBAL, isn’t he?

    I loved it!

  4. Those are really fantastic rings. :3 I dunno about the shirt, though, it looks like a table runner! Ah well, it’s his thing. He seems happy with it, that’s the important part.

  5. noel saleste

    He has very nice fingernails and I love the hair…shirt and pants are god awful but the glasses and rings and shoes make up for it.

  6. i like the shirt. it’s like an extremely simplistic and slightly twisted take on a british military uniform. awesome!

  7. but i don’t like his clothes, the jeans and hairs are OK

  8. Love the style, although the little bow is a little bit too much. Without it, it would have been perfect!

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