American Apparel Sweater & Sesame Street Bag

This cute girl with short blonde hair is Haruna, an 18-year-old shop staffer. She’s wearing an aqua sweater from American Apparel over white H&M shorts and blue stockings with diagonal purple stripes. Her suede platform shoes are from Tokyo Bopper.

Haruna’s accessories include a tattoo necklace and two silver rings (including an armor ring). Her Sesame Street bag is from American Apparel.

Haruna told us that her favorite music is by An Café.

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  1. Now that I remember An Cafe, it made me miss Bou. Wearing girly outfits definitely suited him. :D

  2. Sammyswisso

    i love the bag & the stockings …….ichi ban

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about those henna chokers coming back…she looks fine with it, just in general…

  4. I used to wear a choker like that when I was 12, that and a cat collar ~ but I love her cool understated style, and that Sesame Street bag!

  5. will someone please tell what the shoes she is wearing is called??
    i would really love to buy some!
    I also love this style outfit so very much!