ANAP Cat Tee, Silver Skirt, Cat Ears Hat, Cape Jacket & Shimamura Boots

Meet Tomoko, a 20 year old designer who caught our eye in Harajuku. She’s active on Twitter if you’re interested in finding out more about her.

Tomoko is wearing a cat t-shirt and a silver skirt, both from ANAP, with a burgundy cape jacket. She is also wearing a cute cat-ears hat, a feather earring, and a metallic skeleton hand piece. Around her neck, she hung a neon stars necklace, a camera and some toys. She’s carrying a popcorn tote and her burgundy lace up boots are from Shimamura.

Tomoko is a fan of Maximum the Hormone and Linkin Park, and she likes to do her shopping at ANAP and G2? in Harajuku.

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  1. Love her look. I have that same cat hat! Very cute indeed, and Maximum the Hormone is amazing.

  2. Those boots are so amazing I want to cry.
    And that skeleton accessory OMG

  3. WestwoodBlues

    The skeleton hand piece is so POWERFUL !

  4. Dreaded_Queen

    Loving the skeleton hand accessory. It would have been nice to see a smile .

  5. あくま悪魔

    Saw that same bracelet in Hot Topic! Super cool.

  6. I love that skeleton hand :D
    Maximum the Hormone? Haha, I liked them years ago ;u;

  7. Were did she buy these shoes?!
    I can’t find them anywhere on the internet!!
    She looks amazing!!