ANAP Leather Jacket, Faux Leather Shorts & Studded Creepers

Mika is 22 and she told us she’s a freeter. She is wearing colored contacts and red lipstick with her all black outfit.

Mika is wearing a knitted sweater with faux-leather shorts, sheer tights and a ANAP jacket. She accessorized with a cap (Boy London?), two silver rings, a pendant necklace, socks and studded creepers. She carries a big, black handbag and she told us she got her accessories at ANAP Latina. Her favorite place to shop, however, is Gyda.

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  1. Her outfit is so perfect! And her contacts are awesome (/*-*\)

  2. super cute and simple! an outfit that I can easily imitate :)

  3. she is looking fineeeee. Love that she’s wearing red lipstick! I don’t see that much in Harajuku street snaps!

  4. her hat, look like Dai Shocker logo from ” Karmen Rider ” to me!

  5. WestwoodBlues

    PERFECT OUTFIT. I can’t find a mistake in this look. Especially, the studded creepers are perfectly worn, they match so well with the grey socks !

  6. The cap is not from Boy London… Is from Envym… And I hate the nazi symbol inside….

  7. @lucia the symbol has been used for thousands of years and across cultures to represent peace, happiness etc (assuming the symbol is the backwards version of the swastika).

  8. @Flicky Yes, but not with the REICHSADLER. That 2 symbols together represent the nazi ideology.