Angelic Pretty, 6%DokiDoki & Sanrio

Kito and Hana have put together cute dolly outfits with matching pinafore dresses from Angelic Pretty. They each have a wig that coordinates with their dress. Their 6%DokiDoki accessories include large hair bows, hair ornaments and plastic pins.

Kito and Hana’s handbags are from Sanrio. They also have matching striped socks and wedge shoes from Angelic Pretty.

They are fans of 6%DokiDoki and anime music.
Angelic Pretty, 6%DokiDoki & Sanrio

6%DokiDoki decorations

Blue hair & large bow

Striped stockings & Angelic Pretty shoes

Angelic Pretty dress & 6%DokiDoki accessories

6%DokiDoki hair ornaments & pink wig

Pink Angelic Pretty wedge shoes with bows

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  1. Looks like it would be hot as heck in the summer time wearing that.
    Nice bright colours…

  2. I don’t like this wigs
    But dress are very nice.
    Shoes too.^^

  3. THOSE SHOES. *A* I love it. I love how well their outfits match, too. I can see me and my best friend doing that as well! XD Although I’m not a huge fan of the wigs, the outfit is still pretty cool~

  4. ChocolatteMayhem

    i like this look their shoes are ADORABLE