Apparel Staffers’ Dolly Style from Grimoire, Metamorphoses & yu:yu

Here are two girls who both work in clothing shops and have put together outfits with a dolly-kei flavor. The girl on the right with her hair in a loose bun is 21-year-old Ai, a staffer at a shop named Kaori no Mori. She’s wearing a long gown and robe from Grimoire with platform sneakers from Nadia. Her accessories include a yarn hair ornament, a Deco bunny ring from Grimoire and a gold Swatch watch. Her ruffled shoulder bag is from Fur Fur.

The friendly girl on the left with long curly hair and a vintage hat is 22-year-old Chico, a staffer at the Par Avion clothing shop. She’s wearing a soft leather jacket from yu:yu and a white pannier skirt from Metamorphose. She’s also wearing vintage-style bloomers, stockings printed with bows and brown Mary Jane shoes. Her handmade fabric purse is from a resale shop.

We asked the girls about their favorite places to shop. Ai said she likes Kaori no Mori and Grimoire while Chico likes The Virgin Mary. Chico also told us that her favorite type of music is anisong.

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  1. i love what they are wearing!:) and their hair too haha

  2. I love, love, love their outfits! Especially the one on the right- she’s wearing tights from one of my favourite brands- Syrup! :) I agree with Liza too- their hair colours are so nice

  3. I love their outfits!!! So adorable. Their hair and hair colors are cute too ^^. I especially like the cap !

  4. I’d say the style they’re wearing Cult Party style rather than Dolly Kei. Dolly Kei the one with the darker, richer fabrics with ornate patterning and furs for that old Eastern European look. Cult Party is lighter, cuter and frillier.
    As far as I know, Grimoire stocks both styles.

  5. kinako milk

    love the apricot and cream colors of chico’s outfit. the tights, hair (wig?) and bloomers are lovely.

  6. Really like the light colors. Really pretty outfits

  7. [email protected] how is it they are trying to look “like a white person”? They follow dolly-kei fashion standards, not “white person” fashion standards, or wait, may be they should be wearing kimono and geta in order to stop “trying to look like a white person”?

  8. sugoi!
    The girl on the left has an amazing style! I’m very impressed!!
    I love her socks, and her shoes and her skirt, and I can’t stop telling what else of her outfit I like. She’s amazing!! *______*