Aqua Braids, Pin Nap Ripped Jeans, OS Accessories & Buffalo in Harajuku

Shoshipoyo is an 18-year-old fashion student who we’ve been seeing around Harajuku quite a lot lately. His style is always bold and colorful.

In addition to his striking long aqua braids and bangs hairstyle, Shoshipoyo is wearing an oversized Jesus-print graphic top from Dog Harajuku with shredded jeans from Pin Nap Harajuku, and Buffalo platform boots. Accessories include a bone choker from OS Accessories, several facial piercings, and a graphic shoulder bag from the Taiwanese brand DAMAGE.

Shoshipoyo’s favorite shop is Dog Harajuku and his favorite musical artist is Brooke Candy. For more info and pics, find him on Twitter or Instagram!

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