Aqua Dip Dye vs Blue Hair & Gun Tights vs Flame Tights in Harajuku

Kimu and Amuco are two 18-year-old Bunka Fashion College students who we street snapped in Harajuku. You might remember them from previous snaps where Kimu’s hair was pink and Amuco was wearing “Celine Me Alone”.

Kimu – with a cute short blue/purple hairstyle – is wearing a graphic t-shirt with a super colorful top, sheer sleeves, a Galaxxxy “Cosmo” tiered skirt, flame tights from AvantGarde, and platform sneakers. Accessories include several tattoo necklaces, a headband, and a studded blue shoulder bag. Kimu is a fan of Galaxxxy and K-Pop music. Check her Twitter for more info.

Amuco – with aqua dip dye hair – is wearing a black net dress with a bustier top, gun tights from AvantGarde Harajuku and Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Her accessories include flower hair ties, a heart earrings, a choker, a chain necklace, dice temporary tattoos, and a large HEM bag. Amuco is a fan of Big Bang and the Harajuku resale shop Pin Nap. Find her on Twitter!

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  1. Two of my favorite Avantgarde Harajuku tattoo tight prints!

  2. Victoria Moore

    I used to dress like that in the ’80s, these girls make me want to go back there, because it was such a fun look. I love their platform tennis shoes.

  3. She has a mask on!! So I’ll have to go with blue dip-dye xD

  4. I am especially in love with Amuco’s style. It’s perfect