Aqua Hair w/ Crop Top, Joyrich, Bao Bao & Jeffrey Campbell in Harajuku

Here’s a friendly Harajuku girl with long aqua hair who caught our eye on the street near the famous LaForet Department Store.

In addition to the aqua hairstyle, her look features a striped rose-print crop top, a dyed acid wash Joyrich denim miniskirt, and black Jeffrey Campbell skate boots. Accessories include a colorful head scarf and an orange Issey Miyake Bao Bao purse.

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  1. Hector Hernandez

    She makes me want to go visit and take photos of all the pretty people :)

  2. Great hair color, beautiful face, beautiful slim legs (which I seldom see in your photos)…..最高です‼‼

  3. I love how vibrant her shirt is! And I’ve seen many beautiful legs on this site, many of which were not particularly long or skinny!

  4. 美しいぃぃぃ○・-・○○・-・○

  5. While not normally a fan of very skinny legs, she is very kawaii; her whole look is fun and cute. And what a great smile!

  6. Gordon Tan

    Great colour co-ordination too! So eye-catching.

  7. Margie ilao

    She’s so pretty like my daughter…i love her style!!!!

  8. Elena~^^

    Woah, Her boots are awesome!! :O I like the look, short top with shorts = Stylish. Nicely done :3

  9. In love with her denim skirt! It’s inspiring me to DIY ombre a denim skirt I haven’t worn in a really long time. Also, props to her because she’s smiling!! <3

  10. Great legs! Long and slender. I am wondering if she is Japanese… a half maybe? Dunno, her face doesn’t look very Asian to me, but then there is makeup :)