Aqua Hair, Galaxxxy Kanji Print & Cutout Leggings in Harajuku

Watson is a friendly 16-year-old student who we often see around the streets of Harajuku. Her aqua blue hair is the first thing that caught our eye this time.

Watson’s look features a kanji print top from the Japanese brand Galaxxxy over a Glad News striped tank top, a remake skirt, cut out leggings, and black Body Line strappy platforms. Accessories – which came from Monomania, Galaxxxy, and Claire’s – include her remake silver clutch (to which she has attached playing cards), a leather o-ring choker, chain bracelets, a wide studded belt, an eyes leg decoration, and triangle question mark earrings.

Watson’s favorite fashion shops include Monomania, Wall and Galaxxxy. Her favorite music is Vocaloid, anisong (anime songs) and Urbangarde. For more info on Watson, check out her personal Twitter or Instagram.

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