Ari From The Virgin Mary Tokyo in Layered Resale Fashion

This stylish Japanese girl with awesome red hair is Ari, the owner of the beloved-by-Dolly-Kei-girls Tokyo resale shop The Virgin Mary. We photographed her at night at a fashion event in Roppongi.

Ari’s look mixes lots of different layers and materials, a style she is often seen wearing. This specific outfit, which includes a long dress under several different tops and vintage Nike sneakers, was put together out of resale items from The Virgin Mary shop. Her accessories include a bow with what looks like hair attached to it and a stuffed bear. She said that she picked up her cute crochet purse at an “American flea market”.

As far as things she likes, Ari told us that she is a fan of the Japanese fashion designer Keisuke Kanda and she likes to listen to anisong (anime songs) music. If you want to know more about Ari, or her shop The Virgin Mary, we recommend that you check out her official website!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

Note: During Tokyo’s rainy season (when it’s hard to take photos on many bad weather days), we are mixing in several snaps that were taken in recent weeks, including this series from a fashion event in Roppongi.

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  1. Starshine

    To be honest, she isn’t very pretty, and her outfit looks like a big mess.
    In love with the bag, tho. :)

  2. @Starshine: Goodness, why would you say that she isnĀ“t pretty?? Have some love for her… :D People like her are a creative idol for a lot of youngsters and breaks bounderies for a free and unique type of fashion for everybody who is too scared to look like a big mess, though one really wants to… <3

  3. Well so called ‘sunshine’ is a bit bitter… I think Ari is uber cute and her outfit isn’t a mess like a lot of japanses fashions out there! Its better to be unique and crazy than to be a boring sod who copies everyone else. I wish I could shop in tokyo!!!

  4. she really is very pretty ^_^ much like a doll *^_^* that particular outfit i wouldn’t go for cause i don’t like pink, but i do like all her stuff ^_^ her shop is awesomeness in it’s very own way!

  5. @Starshine..That’s a bit rude. Ari-san is an innovative force in the underground street fashion movement in Tokyo.

    I personally appreciate her boldness..She is the epitome of what makes Tokyo street fashion interesting. A lot of people aren’t afraid to incorporate their hobbies and passions into what they wear on a daily basis. I have been to her shop and Cult Party when it was still open, and for me even though my personal style is a bit different, there was something fascinating not only about Ari-san but her shop as well.

    Is the collar with all of the pieces attached together more like a hood to the jacket, or is it separate?

  6. I don’t think Starshine was being rude at all, it is her opinion. I love Tokyo’s Fashion, though I feel that half the time people are just trying too hard to be original and different. Maybe it’s just not my style, I rather just wear an old band t-shirt, some jeans and call it a day.
    Nothing new for me, just a bunch of stuff thrown together to try and justify as artistic, I do like her white dress and purse, not sure what the rest of the stuff thrown together are, nor what do they show for.

  7. i dont like her long white skirt…but i do love her socks and shoes….so cute! ^^

  8. JamJammieJam

    The girl know she looks like a hot mess. It was intentional, and even if you don’t like it, it IS fashion. I personally am not a fan of the look myself but that doesn’t justify bashing on it. I think if you look closer you will notice it is well put together she did put some thought into her choices, even if ultimately the look is a bit cluttered.

  9. Never thought that japanese ppl like so much the resale clothes and accesories …if thats the true I have to send you a lot of my grans cute and trendy things, cause there in this countr noone prefer it sadly:(

  10. Stephanie D. Brown

    she is pretty, the outfit her style, but not feeling these sneakers to it.maybe some floral sneakers would have looked nice to it(????)