This cute college student is Ako. Her outfit consists of an Armani t-shirt under a Uni-qlo cardigan and denim shorts from a resale ship. She’s also wearing Anna Sui tights and shiny brown walking shoes from a select shop.

Ako has accessorized her long hair with a scarf from Egoist tied in a bow. She’s carrying a white leather shoulder bag from Diesel.

Ako’s favorite fashion venues are Nadia and Joy Rich. Check out Ako’s blog – so cute!
Armani, Uni-qlo, Egoist & Diesel

Hair bow & Armani t-shirt

Diesel leather shoulder bag

Anna Sui tights & resale store shoes

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  1. my dream girl ,I like her long hair,and her outfit^¬^

  2. omg, she is suuuper adorable! Love her outfit and especially her tights! ^_^ <3

  3. wow these tights are awesome,
    just one thing I always wonder, why do people buy such expensive clothes when they look completely regular. the shirt for example looks like something I wouldn’t even spend more than 5 euros on. unless there’s something really cool about this shirt that I don’t see, and not just the brand name.

  4. I have to agree with Dana on that one.. I wouldn’t even know it’s armani hadn’t she/you said so. :|

    The tights are <3 however and the bow&shorts are very very cute. C:

  5. holy crap that is a huuuge bag…love it! and of course the lace thigh-high-look-alikes. solves so many problems and still looks ‘mazin.

  6. She is attractive, her Anna Sui tights are eye-catching!

  7. Dana, tottaly agree with the brand thing. The shirt looks nice, sure. But why does it have to be Armani? Unless it’s something quality-related, which I doubt. Love the shorts, the cardigan, the belt… Very cohesive.

  8. Everything else is plain, but the stockings and the bow bring it out, looove it!!

  9. @ Dana: the brand name stuff is not only about brand name, but it is about comfort when u put it on. U will know the difference when you are used to using brand name stuff. After a while, u wouldn’t wanna come back to normal ones…