Asami in Harajuku w/ Black Hair & Bangs, Dalmatian Coat & Foxy x Nike Tote

Asami is a stylish and friendly 19-year-old Japanese student who we see around Harajuku often. She and her friends have been influential style leaders in the Tokyo street fashion scene for the last year or so.

Asami is wearing a black and white Topshop dalmatian coat (with faux fur cuffs) over black skinny jeans and Dr. Martens lace up heels. Her tote bag is from the Foxy x Nike collection. Asami’s black hair with bangs and red lipstick are also important parts of her look.

Asami’s favorite shop is Faline Tokyo and she can be found on Twitter as well as Instagram.

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  1. Beautiful face. Mesmerizing. Good outfit for her. I have to admit that the shoes are quite cool.