Ashish “Tres Fatigue” Top, Fishnets & Leopard Platforms in Harajuku

YOU is an aspiring singer and Bunka Fashion College student who we see often in Harajuku. She is 18 years old.

YOU is wearing an Ashish “Tres Fatigue” shirt over a resale plaid shirt, a lace Zara skirt, fishnet stockings, and Jeffrey Campbell platforms in pink and leopard. Accessories – some of which came from H&M, Kawi Jamele and Fig & Viper – include an armor ring, a large stone ring, a rose ring, and a harness backpack from Nincompoop Capacity.

YOU’s favorite shop is the Harajuku vintage boutique Bubbles. Find her on Twitter or Instagram to see pics of her Tokyo life. If you’d like to hear her singing check out one of YOU’s videos on YouTube.

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