Asian-Inspired Harajuku Street Style w/ Muay Thai Shorts, Himitsu Gadget, YRU

While walking around the streets of Harajuku, we came across twin-tailed Aisaki Mai, the fashion designer for Himitsu Gadget. Mai has been previously featured in our street snaps.

Her fierce and colorful street style fashion features resale items such as a Chinese style gold and red embroidered tunic, a green, satin Muay Thai boxing shorts, and YRU platform creepers embellished with sequins, studs and spikes. A Thank You Mart panda crossbody bag and accessories from her own brand Himitsu Gadget completed her look.

Aisaki Mai is a fan of the Japanese indie fashion brand/shop Nincompoop Capacity. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more info on her.

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  1. Andrea Camillary

    I like the Chinese top and the panda purse. The reason that the Chinese top is like a little bit of a dress. But it is really awesome top. And the panda purse is really cute. Although the sequence shoes look like a mermaidish. But the rhinestone and the spike is really cool.